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I usually carpool with my mother who still works up to this very day and whose office is just a few blocks away from mine. While she seems happy that she’s still in the workforce despite the fact that she is past the retirement age, I probably wouldn’t take the same route.

I’ve seen people who still chose to work way past into their retirement age and those who left the corporate world when they hit their 40’s. It would really depend on your choice and if you can afford it.

It’s my dream to retire early and I know that dream takes more than daydreaming to achieve. The earlier I plan for it, the sooner I can get started into putting my retirement plans into reality. There will be a time when my paycheck will stop coming but the bills wouldn’t.

I’ll be turning 40 next year and my risk appetite has shifted from someone with a higher tolerance risk to being a moderate one as I’m more likely to take on modest risks in exchange for a higher long-term return.

Before you invest, it’s important to know what your risk appetite is to make well-informed financial decisions. Each one of us has a different risk profile which defines our willingness to take in risk. Risk is about tolerating the potential for losses, the ability to withstand market movements and the inability to predict what’s ahead.

I consider both risk and return before I take the plunge. Investments with higher expected returns like stocks tend to be riskier and chances are, you might have to sell if prices are lower than when you bought it. You end up losing money. But if you don’t expose yourself to some form of risk then you might lose on the opportunity to earn more. However, due to volatile market conditions, even the most conservative portfolio like bonds can experience short-term losses.

Investment Risk Pyramid by Julie Bang © Investopedia 2020

This is why it’s important to have a diversified portfolio that includes a wide variety of investment options. Investing in a condotel, particularly with Hotel 101, sounds like a good investment vehicle which meets my risk appetite and investment strategy. Investing in a condotel falls under the medium-risk type of investment which provides a steady return while still allowing for capital appreciation (which refers to an increase in the market price of an investment).

About Hotel 101

Hotel 101 is the flagship home-grown brand of Hotel of Asia Inc., the hotel arm of DoubleDragon Properties Corp. which is one of the leading property companies listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange.

Perspective of Hotel 101 – Davao

Hotel 101 has projects located in prime tourist and business destinations across the country: Manila, Fort, Davao, Cebu, Boracay, Bohol, Palawan, and Libis.

Why should you consider investing in Hotel 101:

1. Easy and Hands-Free

A condotel is a condominium that operates as a hotel. With Hotel 101, just buy a condotel unit which they call a Happy Room and they will take care of everything.

It is like investing in your own condominium unit without the hassle of looking for people who will rent the place. As the investor, you will not be responsible for hotel operating expenses, unit repairs, and maintenance, etc. as it will be fully-managed on your behalf making it a low-effort investment. Unlike other property investments, Hotel 101 does not have maintenance costs, repair costs, and association dues.

Happy Room
Unit Size: 21 square meters

Fully fitted out, Kitchenette with microwave, Natural lighting and ventilation, Maximized ceiling heights

2. Secured and Pandemic-Resilient

In the first half of 2020, Hotel 101 garnered a 7.33% annualized gross yield. As a result, unit owners were able to still enjoy a high-income yield given the unprecedented times. They have been fully operational given the pandemic situation as most of the occupancy came from employees from Business Process Outsourcing firms.

This is a comparison on the yields of Hotel 101 – Manila vs a 10-Year Government Bond Yield which is considered a low-risk investment as it is backed by the government.

3. Regular Passive Income

Unit owners receive 30% of Gross Room Revenue every 16th day of the succeeding month. The 30% of Gross Room Revenue is divided equally among unit owners regardless if their unit was used (unlike traditional rentals). Hotel 101 pays monthly cash flow to the unit owners, unlike other condotels which pay either on quarterly or annual basis.

Based on this illustration, say at a conservative 50% occupancy rate, the unit owner can get P216K over a year. The higher the occupancy rate, the higher your rate of return will be. For reference, Hotel 101 – Manila’s occupancy rate for the first half of 2020 is 82.53% despite the pandemic.

4. Other Benefits

Unit owners get 10 free nights a year, 5 of which to be used in the location where the owner’s unit is located, and the other 5 can be used in any operational Hotel 101.

All Hotel 101 investors have full ownership of their respective units while enjoying the benefits of passive income. It is a secured investment that is backed by a condominium title. You’re free to mortgage it, resell it or leave it to your kids to inherit.

Instead of having your money sit in a bank where interest rates are low, investing in a condotel is a good way to maximize your money’s potential return. This is a good property investment option for those who are looking for a passive income from rental properties but don’t have time to maintain it and market the units.

Units are selling out fast. As of this writing, only Hotel 101 – Davao is available. With its 519 rooms, it is poised to be the biggest hotel in Mindanao.

Below are the current payment schemes available:

Should you be interested to put a Hotel 101 condotel unit under your name, feel free to contact them through the following means:

Mobile: +639175078111

Email Address:

Facebook: @hotel101salesph


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