Hotel101 Inaugurates Global Sales Hub and Corporate Office in Singapore

Wazzup.PH | October 10, 2023

DoubleDragon has acquired a prestigious office space situated on the 4th floor of the PLUS Building, 20 Cecil Street, in the vibrant center of Raffles Place, Singapore. This space will serve as the Global Corporate Office for Hotel101 Global Pte Ltd. Additionally, the Global Sales Hub is conveniently located on the Ground Floor of the same PLUS Building.

Starting today, guests visiting the Hotel101 Global Sales Hub in Singapore can enjoy complimentary Filipino Blend Coffee. To partake in this offer, simply download the free Hotel101 Global Booking App.

On this day, October 10, 2023, DoubleDragon Corporation’s subsidiary, Hotel101 Global Pte. Ltd., proudly inaugurates and commences the operation of both its Global Corporate Office and Global Sales Hub in the vibrant city of Singapore.

DoubleDragon has acquired a prestigious office space located on the 4th floor of the PLUS Building at 20 Cecil Street, right in the heart of Raffles Place, Singapore. This space is designated as the Global Corporate Office for Hotel101 Global Pte Ltd. Furthermore, the Global Sales Hub is conveniently situated on the Ground Floor of the same PLUS Building.

The Hotel101 Global Sales Hub in Singapore showcases the latest iteration of Hotel101’s renowned 21 square meter HappyRoom. These rooms feature world-class amenities, including a Queen bed and Single bed with Emma Sleep mattresses, smart lighting controlled through an IOT (Internet Of Things) App, a 55-inch smart TV, a spacious work desk, universal power outlets, electronic device charging ports, a well-equipped kitchenette with a refrigerator and microwave, and a modern pre-fabricated ensuite bathroom.

The new Hotel101 Global design has been meticulously crafted for construction and operational efficiency, emphasizing the use of modular furniture and fixtures, as well as prefabricated bathrooms. Hotel101 is poised to establish itself as one of the most technologically advanced hotel chains throughout its entire value chain. The forthcoming version of the Hotel101 App is set to seamlessly integrate a fully automated self-check-in system with IOT capabilities, further enhancing the guest experience.

Hotel101 has embraced the “banig” as its signature aesthetic, drawing inspiration from the traditional handwoven mat of the Philippines. Banigs have long served as gathering places for Filipino families, nurturing enduring connections and cherished memories. This humble mat symbolizes the essence of home, and it’s the feeling Hotel101 aims to evoke during your stay. The selection of colors for the Hotel101 banig is a deliberate choice to radiate joy and infuse a Filipino essence into all Hotel101 projects across the globe. What’s more, the Hotel101 signature modern banig was thoughtfully designed by Artificial Intelligence (AI), reflecting Hotel101’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological innovation.

DoubleDragon Chairman Edgar Injap Sia II expressed his confidence in Hotel101’s ability to harness modern technology effectively within the global hospitality landscape. He stated, “If there is one hotel chain that can optimize the use of modern technology in the global hospitality space, we believe it will be Hotel101, given its pioneering standardized signature 21sqm HappyRooms and asset-light concept globally.”

Mr. Sia added, “Eventually, when you stay in any Hotel101, no matter what country you are in, for the first time you will know exactly what to expect.”

Hotel101 Global CEO Hannah Yulo-Luccini elaborated on the role of the Hotel101 Global Corporate Office, highlighting its function as a central hub for team members based in various countries. These team members are instrumental in efficiently driving the expansion of Hotel101’s Unique and Asset-Light business model across diverse international locations.

She extended an invitation, saying, “We invite everyone to visit the Hotel101 Sales Hub on the Ground Floor of the PLUS Building in Singapore and enjoy complimentary Filipino Blend Coffee. Simply download the free Hotel101 Global Booking App for entry, and you’re all set.”

Hotel101’s Unique Asset-Light Business Model:

Hotel101 boasts a distinctive and groundbreaking hybrid condotel business model characterized by a single room unit type throughout its global network, resulting in remarkable efficiency in construction and operations. The versatile nature of the Hotel101 concept facilitates expansion and the creation of a uniform global inventory, achieved through direct development, joint ventures, and licensing agreements.

Hotel101’s Asset-Light strategy provides DoubleDragon with dual revenue streams. Initially, revenue is generated through the presale of condotel units, followed by long-term recurring income after the project’s completion, stemming from the operation of the enrolled units as part of the hotel.

Hotel101 rooms worldwide adhere to a standardized size and aesthetic, tailored to the mid-range market. This consistency streamlines the booking process, enabling guests to anticipate a consistent experience at any Hotel101 location.

Hotel101 has taken steps to protect its pioneering condotel concept, with the concept patent already filed, and the Hotel101 trademark and country-specific domains secured in multiple countries across the globe.

Furthermore, the development of the Hotel101 App for both Apple iOS and Android platforms is underway. This app is designed to operate efficiently across multiple countries. Hotel101 employs dynamic pricing for its room rates, akin to airline ticket pricing, adjusting rates based on real-time supply and demand dynamics for the selected booking date.

Hotel101 Overseas Expansion:

The inaugural trio of Hotel101 ventures abroad will be established in Niseko, Hokkaido, Japan, Madrid, Spain, and California, USA. These initial international locations serve as foundational projects, propelling Hotel101 towards transcending beyond these first three countries, with the aim of becoming a globally recognized brand distinguished by its innovative business concept, which can be replicated in over 100 countries.

Hotel101 Global Pte. Ltd.’s ambitious short-term expansion plan outlines the goal of establishing a presence in the first 25 countries by the year 2026. These countries include the Philippines, Japan, Spain, USA, United Kingdom, UAE, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Mexico, South Korea, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Turkey, Italy, Germany, France, and China.

DoubleDragon’s Focus:

Strengthening the Base, Positioning Globally

The DoubleDragon team currently has two clear and focused objectives. Firstly, they aim for DoubleDragon’s Philippine portfolio to achieve full maturity and reach its optimum revenue generation level by 2025. Secondly, they intend for DoubleDragon’s Offshore Hotel101 Global portfolio to establish a strong presence in international markets by 2025.

Recognizing the increasing fragility and volatility of the global economy, DoubleDragon Chairman Edgar Injap Sia II emphasized the necessity of diversifying revenue sources geographically. The long-term vision is to ensure that, over time, no single country contributes more than 10% of DoubleDragon’s revenue and income.

Mr. Sia also reaffirmed DoubleDragon’s commitment to its Filipino roots, stating, “Your company, DoubleDragon Corporation, will always remain deeply rooted in Filipino heritage. The DD team will unwaveringly fulfill its responsibility to be a substantial contributor to nation-building, working towards a prosperous Philippines and our collective aspiration for a first-world nation.”,

*To avail of the complimentary Filipino Blend coffee at the Hotel101 Global Sales Hub in Singapore, just download the free Hotel101 Global Booking App, available until further notice from 9:00am to 6:00pm Mondays to Saturdays

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