How It Works

Enjoy property ownership without the hassle of maintaining it.

  • Enjoy monthly revenue from reservations.
  • Backed by a condominium title.
  • Complimentary nights in Hotel101s worldwide.
  • Can mortgage, resell or leave for inheritance.

Investing made simple.

Just buy a unit and we'll take care of it.

Unit Owner


of Gross Room Revenue (excluding Taxes) distributed monthly

Freehold Condominium Title

Unit Owner pays only real property tax and income tax



Gross Room Revenue (excluding Taxes)

Hotel101 shoulders all cost of unit fit-out, operating expenses, repairs and maintenance


A condotel is a a condominium that operates as a hotel. Units within the hotel are individually owned but managed by Hotel101.

All Hotel101 investors have full ownership of their respective units while enjoying the benefits of passive income. With Hotel101, just buy a unit, and we’ll take care of maintaining and operating it as a hotel room.

30% of Gross Room Revenue is divided among all unit owners equally, regardless of whether your unit was used. Monthly income share is deposited straight to your account by the 16th day of every month.

Unit owners receive 10 complimentary nights each year: five at their invested hotel and five at any Hotel101 location worldwide.

Yes, anyone can own a Hotel101 unit.